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About Us

Fuoye News is Providing you with substantial information across Campuses, Faculty, Department and Levels. if information is power and then there is need to always connect yourself on campus with Information. Just the brain behind Fuoye News, bringing information across  the entire Nigeria Student not limited to Federal University Oye Ekiti. 
The Beauty of an institution is not tied down to the number of Courses or the strength of any course but how we can all come together and build a better world. How can you make such without having a ground knowledge about what goes on around you ?
Students are not born to attend any institution and just graduate with a degree without first starting to have the mind of impacting the generation from the very first day in school. Don't be limited Fuoye News has come to Bring Best Knowledge you can imagine out of yourself.
    Federal University Oye Ekiti a place for the Development of Passionate giants, Support Positive Mind today. Connect with us On whatsapp via any of your Departmental group.

                                              ✉   🏄      FUOYENEWS        ...it's information,It's power,It's real