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FUOYESU Decides 2021


It is the 30th of January and Federal University Oye Ekiti is having the Student Union Government Election.

FuoyeNews will bring to you updated information concerning the election from beginning to the end.

The Election is fixed to start by 10AM but up till 10:52AM in the Ikole Campus of the University, the electoral committee members were not on ground. Finally it was reported that in the Faculty of management Science, Agriculture and Engineering at about 11:15AM, the voting process began.

The presidential aspirant, Comrade Rexpect, arrives his polling unit at about 11:30AM, where the ADHOC staff for the election process has been fully prepared and ready for the election.

At about 11:54AM, the presidential candidate casted his vote in the Faculty of Engineering, also within same time frame the Sport's Director aspirant, Comrade Falayi also casted his vote in his polling unit.

The Financial Secretary aspirant also casted his vote in the Faculty of Engineering polling unit. 

Presidential Aspirant Arrives Polling Unit for election

Voting Process began in Faculty of Engineering

Presidential Aspirant casting his vote in polling unit

Voting process going on in the Faculty of Engineering

Financial Secretary aspirant Casting his vote

Sport's Director aspirant casting his vote

Election going on in the faculty of Engineering

Comrade Rexpect Visited the Faculty of Arts Polling Unit

Presidential Aspirant visited the Faculty of Social Sciences

Counting of votes at the faculty of science 

Compiled Election Result from all faculties
  • Financial Secretary: Unopposed
  • Welfare Director: Unopposed
  • Assistance General Secretary: Unopposed
  • Public Relation Officer: Unopposed
  • Vice President: Unopposed
  • General Secretary: 523 votes for Esan, 284 votes for Kayode, 64 vote for Adeniyi
  • Sport Director: 410 votes for Olajide, 464 votes for Ayooluwa
  • Director of Transport: 552 votes for Ige, 326 votes for Oyebola
  • Treasurer: 523 votes for Faweya Seun, 342 votes for Adegbite

Stay tuned as we bring to you more updates on #FUOYESUDECIDES'21

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