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If you have used chrome Incognito mode in the past 4 years you might be $5000 richer soon

Most people, use incognito mode to protect themselves from insecurities and to access some web pages discreetly. Even though most cyber security experts have argued and warned users not to be dependent on the incognito mode, being put in place by most web browsers. 

Google incognito window users,are likely to get $5,000 compensation after a U.S court filed a class-action lawsuit against Google for allegedly gathering data since June,2016 while users are in incognito mode.
It was alleged by a partner at the Boies Schiller Flexner law firm, stating that Google unlawfully gathers information about incognito users internationally because they want information about user's hobbies, interest, trend and shopping choices.

Even though Google debunked and termed the allegations untrue, saying none of the allegations are right. Restating that incognito mode is only meant to browse the internet without your device saving any of the browsing data but internet service provider, website visited and your school or employee(s) might have access to the activities being explored in the Google chrome incognito mode.

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