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9 basic things you need to know about the Skusat Entrepreneurial Foundation program.

Basic things to know…

In light of the eligibility status confirmation of every registered applicant on the 23rd of June, here are the basic things you should know about the Skusat Entrepreneurial Foundation program.

Shortlisted individuals will be required to submit a business plan for review and consideration for a mild business support fund.

No business documents will be requested as the program seeks to support unestablished business ideas.

The submission portal for business plans will be accessible for a timeline of 24hours on the 30th of June.

Shortlisted applicants will be prompted to obtain a Passcode. This will be required to facilitate access and submission of an applicant’s business plan.

The Passcode is a scratch card pin which would be dispatched via SMS. This costs a token of N1,000 only.

To aid efficiency, an applicant may draft a business plan before accessing the submission portal in a bid to copy and paste same into the dialogue box on the 30th of June.

Overly amplified and bogus business idea claims such as, launching a rocket into space or building a submarine; will not be regarded. Applicant’s are enjoined to be as honest as possible.

Successful individuals will be duly notified and would be obliged with a support fund on the 6th of July. The business grant will be duly disbursed to the account details provided by applicants.

Should you require any technical assistance or have any questions, kindly use the helpline contact option provided at the footer of the website.

Begin drafting your business plan today and also endeavour to have your mobile lines active in view of the status confirmation SMS prompt to be dispatched on the 23rd of June.

Source: http://www.skusat.com/knowledge-base/

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  1. You mean in should draft my business plan and submit on line. Pls will I submit it

  2. I do not summit my business plan I just received a msg 8 basic things to know about skusat when I login I saw a request to sent my business plan which I don't know until now been 4 july